Flat A, 5/F, Kam Man Fung Factory Building
6 Hong Man Street, Chai Wan, Hong Kong


KC's system:
Turntable--Melco 3533
Turntable mat--Takai Lab Final Audio Research VM-7
Disc Stabilizer--Takai Lab Final Audio Research VDS-17
Tonearm--(1)Audiocraft AC-4400/AP-400/MW-41
(2)Audiocraft AC-4000 Silver Limited/MC-400/MW-4
Tonearm headshell--Koetsu Onyx shell
Toenarm cable: Audiocraft SX-TP-100 x2
Cartridge--(1)Koetsu Tiger Eye Platinum Diamond
(2)Goldbug Mr. Brier
MC Step up--(1)Takai Lab Final Audio Research MC Transformer
(2)McIntosh MCP-1
CD Player--Technics SL-P1200

Preamplifier--Audio Current Partita C21
Power amplifier--Tailor made w/ built in X-over(Super tweeter)
A & E Technical Research DCA-120 MK II (High)
Audio Current Partita P2 (Mid)
A & E Technical Research DCA-150 MK II (Low)
Frequency divider--Accuphase F-15L (500Hz & 7000Hz)

Equalizer system:
A to D--Wadia Model 17
EQ--Accuphase DG-28
D to A--Stellavox ST2

Speaker system:
Super tweeter--JBL UT505
High--ALE Acoustic 1710
Mid--JBL 375 w/ tailor made Western type corian horn
Low--JBL 2225H twin woofer w/ JBL 4638 cabinet