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Thorens TD-127 turntable system.

Comes with original dust cover, pre-drilled arm mount hole arm board for mounting distance 297mm tonearms, such like Ortofon RF-297, EMT 997 or Thorens TP-997.

Type: 1-step belt drive
Speed: 33 1/3, 45 & 78rpm electronic speed selection
Pitch control: +/- 6% with illuminated stroboscape
Platter material: Zinc alloy
Platter weight: 3.2 kg
Platter diemeter: 30cm
Motor: 16-pole synchronous motor with slip clutch for smooth start
Motor speed control: 2 phase generator for synchronous control
Dimension: W560x H210x D460mm
Weight: 22kg
AC voltage: AC-220V 50Hz, can interchange to AC-100V, AC-120V & AC-240V 50/60Hz

PS: Can select one arm board whoch we have in stock:
1) Pre-drilled arm mount hole for Audiocraft AC-4400, AC-4000MC or AC-4000 Silver/Black with light arm base.
2) Pre-drilled arm mount hole for Fidelity Research FR-66, FR-66S, Ikeda IT-407, IT-407 CR1 and IT-407SS.

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