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Ortofon RMA-309i dynamic balance long tonearm.
Comes with original separate armrest and Ortofon 8N TSW-1000 1.2m straight DIN to RCA output cable.

Type: Dynamic balance tonearm
Overall length: 408 mm
Effective length: 320 mm กำ 1.5 mm
Overhang: 11 mm
Stylus pressure range: 0~7 gram
Handle cartridge weight range: 30~33 gram
Tonearm inner lead: Ortofon 8N TAC-1000, 99.999999% pure copper.
Tonearm output cable: Ortofon 8N TSW-1000, 99.999999% pure copper 7 layer double 2 core shield

For sell item is Ortofon RMA-309i tonearm only not included Ortofon SPU A type tonearm headshell which shown in sample photos.

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