Rm.303, 3/F., Hung Kei Mansion
5-8 Queen Victoria Street, Central, Hong Kong


Mr.Peter Tornow's new system set up:
a) Source:
- Koetsu Jade Platinum MC Cartridge
- Graham Model 2.2 Tonearm
- Basis Debut MK V Turntable
- Wadia 860 CD Player

b) Amplifier
- Phono Amp: Goldmund "PH3"
- Pre Amp: Cello "Audio Suite" with P201 & P301, both with "Viola" Update-Kit
Cello "Audio Palette" MIV
- Power Amp: Cello "Performance Mk II"

c) Speakers
- Cello "Stradivari Master" (Dynaudio Version)

d) Cable & Accessories:
- Graham "IC-70 Silver Shotgun" Tonearmcable
- Goldmund "Lineal Audio" Interconnect (Phono Pre Amp)
- Cello "String 1" Interconnect (CD, Preamps- & Power Amp)
- Cello "String 3" Speaker Cable (Tri-Wire)
- Acoustic Zen "Gargantua II" Power Cords (Phono & Preamps)
- Shunyata "Python" Helix Power Cords (CD & Hydra 8)
- MAS "High Current" Power Cords (Power Amps)
- Shunyata "Hydra" 8 (Power Conditioner)