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Model No. Ortofon 6N TSW-5000 Silver (R) Tonearm Cable

Rare Ortofon 6N TSW-5000 Silver (R) tonearm cable, RCA to RCA 1.4m pair.
6N pure silver = 99.9999% pure silver.

Condition8 / 10
Retail Price (HKD) 13,800.00
Retail Price (USD)1,828.00
Qty1.4m Pair
Model No. SME 3012RG Gold-Plate LIMITED EDITION Tonearm NOS

Very very very rare and very very very hard to find NOS / NIB SME 3012RG 24K gold-plate LIMITED EDITION long tonearm. Comes with original packing box and full set tonearm with accesories.

LIMITED EDITION serial number 0141.

ConditionNOS / NIB / 10
Retail Price (HKD) 108,000.00
Retail Price (USD)14,305.00
Model No. Koetsu Silver Interconnect Cable 1.0m Pair #1

Rare Koetsu silver interconnect cable 1.0m pair with ETI Eichmann Bullet Plug RCA connector.

Condition9 / 10
Retail Price (HKD) 7,800.00
Retail Price (USD)1,033.00
Qty1.0m Pair
Model No. Audiocraft AC-4000 Silver Ltd MC-400/AS-4PLS #1

Rare Audiocraft AC-4000 Silver Limited uni-pivot oil damped tonearm.
Comes with MC-400 'S' shape arm wand, AW-4 counterweight, AW-34 extension weight for counterweight, LW-1 & LW-2 lateral balance weights, mounting template with alignment protecter and ARR series tonearm output cable.

Type: Oil damped one point tonearm (Uni-pivot)
Overall length: 379mm
Effective length: 283mm
Overhang: 13mm
Offset angle: 17.5 degree
Stylus pressure range: 0~5 gram
Tracking error: 0 degree, inner circumference

Condition9 / 10
Retail Price (HKD) 20,800.00
Retail Price (USD)2,755.00
Model No. Y L Acoustic D-55000 Mid Range Horn Driver

YL Acoustic D-55000 mid range horn driver.

Type: Mid range horn driver
Frequency response: 150~7,000Hz
Impedance 8 ohm
Max power handle: 30W (300Hz)
Sensitivity: 102dB/W/m
Voice coil dimeter: 5.1cm
Flus density: 23,000gauss
Dimensions: Dimeter -- 14x H11.8cm

Condition7 / 10
Retail Price (HKD) 24,800.00
Retail Price (USD)3,285.00
Model No. Y L Acoustic YL Sinfnia CS-25 X-over Network

Rare YL Acoustic YL Sinfnia CS-25 4 ways X-over network. Comes with tailor made acrylic cabinets. Sinfnia CS-25 use with YL 18, 35, 55 series horn drivers and 15" woofer.

Type: 4 ways X-over network
Frequency point: 300Hz, 1000Hz & 5000Hz
Impendence: 16 ohm

Condition9 / 10
Retail Price (HKD) 7,800.00
Retail Price (USD)1,033.00
Model No. Y L Acoustic CH-401 Electronic Crossover Filter

Rare YL Acoustic CH-401 electronic crossover filter. Four ways electronic crossover comes with 200Hz, 1000Hz & 8000Hz crossover modules.

Type: 2~4 ways frequency divider (Electronic crossover)
Input impedance: 50k ohm
Output impedance: 200 ohm
Sloop: -18dB
Dimensions: W110x H160x D350cm
AC voltage: AC-100V 50/60Hz

Condition7 / 10
Retail Price (HKD) 6,800.00
Retail Price (USD)901.00
Model No. Acoustic Research AR-3a (Early Type) Speaker Pair

Rare in excellent LIKE NEW condition early type Acoustic Research AR-3a speaker system. Comes with tailor made sand filled wooden speaker pair.

Type: Three ways three units
Enclosure type: Closed air suspension
Impedance: 4 ohm
Tweeter: 2cm paper dome
Midrange: 3.8cm silk dome
Woofer: 30cm cone
Crossover frequcies: 575Hz & 5kHz
Level adjust: High and Mid
Dimensions: W35.6x H63.5x D29.2cm
Net weight: 24kg (Each)
Stand finishing: Satin black

ConditionLIKE NEW / 10
Retail Price (HKD) 16,800.00
Retail Price (USD)2,,225.00
QtyPair with Stand
Model No. Entre ET-100 MC Step Up Transformer Black

Entre ET-100 MC cartridge step up transformer, 3, 10 & 40 ohm version. In black color finishing.
Can install with three cartridges input at the same time.

Type: Moving coil cartridge step up transformer
Input: 1, 2, & 3 select
Input impedance: 3, 10 or 40 ohms select
Output impedance: 4k ohm
Gain: 3 ohm -- 32dB, 10 ohm -- 26dB, 40 ohm -- 20dB
Dimensions: W13.0x H7.0x D18.6cm
Net weight: 2.0kg

Condition8.5 / 10
Retail Price (HKD) 5,200.00
Retail Price (USD)689.00
Model No. Entre EC-30 MC & ET-200 Trans Set

Rare Entre ( Today's MySonic Lab ) EC-30 integrated headshell MC cartridge with ET-200 MC step up transformer set.

Type: Integrated headshell moving coil cartridge
Output: 0.25mV
Stylus pressure range: 1.5~2.1 gram (Recommended 1.8 gram)
Frequency response: 10~50,000Hz
Channel separation: 28dB (1kHz)
Channel balance: 1dB (1kHz)
Compliance: 10x10-6cm/dyne
Internal impedance: 3ohm
Stylus: Super elliptical
Net weight: 19.5 gram

Type: Moving coil cartridge step up transformer
Input impendence: >10 ohms (3.5 ohms perfect)
Output impendence: 4k ohms
Gain: 30dB
Frequency response: 10~70,000Hz +/- 0.5dB
Dimensions: W16.0x H7.0x D14.6cm
NNet weight: 2.2kgs

ConditionMC 9 / 10, Trans 8 / 10
Retail Price (HKD) 15,800.00
Retail Price (USD)2,093.00

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