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Model No. Pioneer Magnesium Tonearm Headshell

Rare Pioneer Magnesium tonearm headshell.

Type: Universal
Material: Magnesium alloy
Net weight: 9 gram

Condition8 / 10
Retail Price (HKD) 800.00
Retail Price (USD)106.00
Model No. Koetsu Burma Jade Platinum Diamond MC Cartridge

Koetsu top of the line moving coil cartridge, model Burma Jade Platinum Diamond MC cartridge.
Comes with original packing box and protect guard.

Type: Moving coil cartridge
Coil Wiring: Silverplated copper
Magnet: Platinum magnet
Cantilever: Diamond
Cartridge body: Burma Jade
Output: 0.3mV
Frequency Response: 20Hz~100kHz
Channel Seperation: 25db (1kHz)
Inner Impedance: 5 Ohm
Channel Balance: 0.5db (1kHz)
Compliance: 5 x 10-6 cm/dyne at 100 Hz
Net weight: 12.5 gram

Condition9.5 / 10
Retail Price (HKD) 78,000.00
Retail Price (USD)10,331.00
Model No. Ortofon EQA-999 MC/MM Phono Equalizer Amlifier NEW

Brand NEW Ortofon EQA-999 MC/MM phono equalizer amplifier. Comes with original packing box, user manual and warranty card (from Ortofon Japan).

Type: MC & MM phono equalizer amplifier
Input: MC or MM select
Select inputs: MC-1a, MC-1b, MC-2and MM
Input impedance:
MC-1a -- 3~10 ohm
MC-1b -- 10~50 ohm
MC-2 -- 2~6 ohm
MM -- 47k ohm
Frequency response:
MC-1a -- 10~80kHz +/-1dB
MC-1b -- 10~100kHz +/- 0.5dB
MC-2 -- 10~100kHz +0.5dB, -2.5dB
MC-1a -- 30dB
MC-1b -- 27dB
MC-2 -- 27dB
Output: Single end RCA and XLR Balance
Dimensions: W425x H78x D290mm
Net weight: 6.8kg
AC voltage: AC-100V 50/60Hz

ConditionNEW / 10
Retail Price (HKD) 22,800.00
Retail Price (USD)3,020.00
Model No. Micro Seiki Cu-180 TT Mat NOS/NIB

Very rare...................................................and very hard to find....NEW OLD STOCK/NEW IN BOX Micro Seiki Cu-180 GUN METAL platter mat (or say Gold Disc).

Dimensions: 294mm diameter
Net weight: 1.8kg

Last one in stock!!!!!

ConditionNOS / NIB / 10
Retail Price (HKD) 18,800.00
Retail Price (USD)2,490.00
Model No. Micro Seiki AX-2G Navy Blue Hammer Tone Arm Base

Very rare Micro Seiki AX-2G in Navy Blue Hammer Tone finishing GUN METAL arm base, special for Micro Seiki SX-8000 or can use with Micro Seiki DDX-1000, DQX-1000, DDX-1500, RB-1500, RX-1500, RX-3000, RX-5000, SX-1500, SX-5000 Air, SX-5000 II or SX-8000 II turntables.

Match tonearm list:
Graham Engineering 1.0, 1.5, 1.5T, 2.0, 2.2 & Phatom B-44 (All must with SME type armbase)
Infinity: Black Widow, Black Widow GF
Odessey Engineering RP-1XG, RP-1XG Black /Gold
SME 3009, 3009 Series II, 3009 SII, 3009 SII Improve, 3009SIIIS, 3009 SIII, 3009R, 3009RB, 3009RG, 3010R, 3010RB, 3010RG, 309, 310, Series IV, Series V and Series VGP

Condition9.5 / 10
Retail Price (HKD) 4,500.00
Retail Price (USD)596.00
Model No. Goldbug Mr.Brier MC Cartridge w/ Shell & Box

Goldbug Mr.Brier MC cartridge, comes with original packing, Brier wood/aluminum alloy tonearm headshell and original user manuel.

Type: Moving coil
Output: 0.22mV
Stylus pressure range: 1.3~1.8 gram (Recommended 1.5 gram)
Frequency response: 20~20,000Hz
Channel separation: 27dB
Channel balance: 1dB
Compliance: 15x10-6cm/dyne
Load: 40 ohm
Stylus: Super elliptical
Cartridge net weight: 7 gram
Headshell net weight: 18 gram
Shell leads: Audiocraft CW-01 6N/4N pure copper

Condition8.5 / 10
Retail Price (HKD) 9,800.00
Retail Price (USD)1,298.00
Model No. Acoustic Research AR-3a (Early Type) Speaker Pair

Rare in excellent LIKE NEW condition early type Acoustic Research AR-3a speaker system. Comes with tailor made sand filled wooden speaker pair.

Type: Three ways three units
Enclosure type: Closed air suspension
Impedance: 4 ohm
Tweeter: 2cm paper dome
Midrange: 3.8cm silk dome
Woofer: 30cm cone
Crossover frequcies: 575Hz & 5kHz
Level adjust: High and Mid
Dimensions: W35.6x H63.5x D29.2cm
Net weight: 24kg (Each)
Stand finishing: Satin black

ConditionLIKE NEW / 10
Retail Price (HKD) 16,800.00
Retail Price (USD)2,,225.00
QtyPair with Stand
Model No. Entre ET-100 MC Step Up Transformer Black

Entre ET-100 MC cartridge step up transformer, 3, 10 & 40 ohm version. In black color finishing.
Can install with three cartridges input at the same time.

Type: Moving coil cartridge step up transformer
Input: 1, 2, & 3 select
Input impedance: 3, 10 or 40 ohms select
Output impedance: 4k ohm
Gain: 3 ohm -- 32dB, 10 ohm -- 26dB, 40 ohm -- 20dB
Dimensions: W13.0x H7.0x D18.6cm
Net weight: 2.0kg

Condition8.5 / 10
Retail Price (HKD) 5,200.00
Retail Price (USD)689.00
Model No. Entre EC-30 MC & ET-200 Trans Set

Rare Entre ( Today's MySonic Lab ) EC-30 integrated headshell MC cartridge with ET-200 MC step up transformer set.

Type: Integrated headshell moving coil cartridge
Output: 0.25mV
Stylus pressure range: 1.5~2.1 gram (Recommended 1.8 gram)
Frequency response: 10~50,000Hz
Channel separation: 28dB (1kHz)
Channel balance: 1dB (1kHz)
Compliance: 10x10-6cm/dyne
Internal impedance: 3ohm
Stylus: Super elliptical
Net weight: 19.5 gram

Type: Moving coil cartridge step up transformer
Input impendence: >10 ohms (3.5 ohms perfect)
Output impendence: 4k ohms
Gain: 30dB
Frequency response: 10~70,000Hz +/- 0.5dB
Dimensions: W16.0x H7.0x D14.6cm
NNet weight: 2.2kgs

ConditionMC 9 / 10, Trans 8 / 10
Retail Price (HKD) 15,800.00
Retail Price (USD)2,093.00
Model No. Entre ES-27 Bronze Tonearm Headshell

Very rare and very hard to find Entre ES-27 bronze tonearm headshell.

Type: Universal
Material: Bronze
Net weight: 23.5 gram

Condition8.5 / 10
Retail Price (HKD) 3,800.00
Retail Price (USD)503.00

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