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Model No. Cello Limited Cello Strings 1 Cable 4M Pair

Rare and hard to find Cello Limited Cello Strings 1 Litz wire balance interconnector cable 4 meters pair.
Comes with Cello RF RCA connectors x4 soldered single end connection.

Condition8.5 / 10
Retail Price (HKD) 9,800.00
Retail Price (USD)1,298.00
Qty4 meter pair
Model No. H E.A.T. Yosegi MC Cartridge

H E.A.T. Yosegi MC cartridge. Comes with original protect guard.

"Yosegi" <> the traditional Japanese method of making objects with real value.
A number of "micro-quadratic" pieces of various types of natural wood are glued together with special resins.
It demands incredible, high-precision work abilities, the levels which are only available from the hands of long-trained, highly-skilled specialists.
The results are "Jewels Made of Wood"!!!
Yosegi <> techniques are expensive, but capable of yielding exceptional beauty protected by extremely high durability.

Type: Moving coil cartridge
Frequency response: 15~50kHz
Output: 0.4mV/1kHz, 5cm/sec
Channel separation: 30dB/ 1kHz
Output balance: 0.5dB/ 1kHz
Stylus pressure range: 1.8~2.2g
Internal impedance: 12 ohm
Coil inductance: 26H (1kHz)
Static compliance: 35 10-6cm/dyne
Dynamic compliance: 18 10-6cm/dyne (100Hz)
Vertical tracking angle: 23 degree
Net weight: 6 gram

Condition8.5 / 10
Retail Price (HKD) 5,800.00
Retail Price (USD)768.00
Model No. Ortofon SPU-T100 SUT w/ Box

Ortofon SPU-T100 MC cartridge step up transformer. Comes with original packing box.

Type: Moving coil cartridge step up transformer.
Input impedance: 1~6 ohm
Gain: 26dB
Output impedance: 47k ohm
Frequency response: 10~100000Hz +0dB, -1.0dB
Channel balance: <0.1dB (1kHz)
Channel separation: 90dB or more (1kHz)
Dimensions: W16.0x D11.2x H10.5cm
Net weight: 1.3kg

Condition9.5 / 10
Retail Price (HKD) 18,800.00
Retail Price (USD)2,490.00
Model No. Dynavector DV Karat Diamond MC Cartridge w/ Box

Rare Dynavector '80 flatship model DV Karat Diamond MC cartridge. Comes with Dynavector cartrudge packing box.

Type: Moving coil cartridge
Output: 0.2mV (5cm / sec 1kHz)
Stylus pressure: 1.2!2.5g (optimum 1.5g)
Frequency response: 20~70000Hz
Channel separation: 20dB / 1kHz
Compliance: 15 10-6cm / dyne
Internal impedance: R ・ 30ohm L . 80uH
Cantilever: Natural diamond prism cantilever
Stylus: 0.24x 2.8mil line contact
Net weight 5.3g

Condition8 / 10
Retail Price (HKD) 16,800.00
Retail Price (USD)2,225.00
Model No. Expressmio Audio The Heavy Weight for Rega Tonearm

Expressmio Audio The Heavy Weight, for use with Rega tonearm. Comes with user manuel.

Net weight: 108 gram

Condition9 / 10
Retail Price (HKD) 580.00
Retail Price (USD)77.00
Model No. Ortofon S15-TE MC Cartridge

Vintage Ortofon S15-TE MC cartridge. Comes with integrated step up transformer.
Available from 1970~1972.

Type: Integrated with step up transformer mocing coil cartridge
Output: 2mV
Stylus pressure: 1~2g
Frequency response: 22~20000Hz
Channel separation: 20~30 dB
Compliance: 20 10-6 cm / dyne
Stylus: 0.7x 0.3 mil Elliptical
Net weight: 18.5g

Condition7 / 10
Retail Price (HKD) 6,800.00
Retail Price (USD)901.00
Model No. Ortofon RMG-309 Dynamic Balanced Tonearm

Vintage Ortofon RMG-309 dynamic balance tonearm.
It's available at around 1970~1975's second generation in black color finishing and 0~7 gram stylus pressure with 7 pin output plug.
Comes with original 'M' type tonearm headshell, separate arm rest and output cord.

Type: Dynamic balance tonearm
Overall length: 400 mm
Effective length: 320 mm
Overhang :11 mm
Tracking error: 0.83 degree
Stylus pressure range: 0~7g 1g step

Condition8 / 10
Retail Price (HKD) 32,000.00
Retail Price (USD)4,238.00
Model No. Ortofon AG-1 Slide Arm Base

Vintage Ortofon AG-1 slide arm base in black color finishing.
For use with all kind Ortofon tonearms.
PS: Not same as SME slide arm base.

Condition7 / 10
Retail Price (HKD) 1,500.00
Retail Price (USD)199.00
Model No. Ortofon SL-15 MC Cartridge

Vintage Ortofon SL-15 MC cartridge.

Type: Moving coil cartridge
Output: 0.015mV
Frequency response: 20~20,000Hz
Stylus pressure range: 1.5~2.0 grams
Compliance: 25x10-6cm dyne
Stylus: 0.6 mil

Condition7 / 10
Retail Price (HKD) 2,800.00
Retail Price (USD)371.00
Model No. Peerless 4722 Transformer Pair

Vintage Peerless 4277 transformer pair, comes with China made chassic with RCA input and output plugs.

Peerless 4722 transformer was for microphone input manufactured around 1958.
It is also used in ALTEC 1566A, 5-channel mixer preamplifier 1567A, and 4-channel mixer integrated amplifier 342B.
Compatible with a wide range of models such as Ortofon, EMT and DENON.
Once used, the quality is so high that no one else can use it, and it is a step-up transformer that does not disappoint although cannot match today's standard.

Input impendance: 38 and 150 ohm select
Output impendance: 50k ohm
Frequency response: 30~15000Hz +/- 1dB

Condition6 / 10
Retail Price (HKD) 3,800.00
Retail Price (USD)503.00
QtyOne set

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