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Model No. Micro Seiki AS-1 Leather TT Mat NOS/NIB

Very very very rare and very very very hard to find, NEW OLD STOCK / NEW IN BOX Micro Seiki AS-1 leather turntable mat.

ConditionNOS/NIB NEW / 10
Retail Price (HKD) 7,800.00
Retail Price (USD)1,033.00
Model No. Audio Life ATS-1 GUN METAL TT Mat

Rare and hard to find Japanese audiophile product, Audio Life ATS-1 GUN METAL turntable mat.

Material: Mirror polish GUN METAL
Dimension: Diameter - 294x H4mm
Net weight: 2kg

Condition9 / 10
Retail Price (HKD) 6,800.00
Retail Price (USD)901.00
Model No. Ortofon RMA-309i Dynamic Balanced Long Tonearm

Ortofon RMA-309i dynamic balance long tonearm.
Comes with original separate armrest and Ortofon 8N TSW-1000 1.2m straight DIN to RCA output cable.

Type: Dynamic balance tonearm
Overall length: 408 mm
Effective length: 320 mm กำ 1.5 mm
Overhang: 11 mm
Stylus pressure range: 0~7 gram
Handle cartridge weight range: 30~33 gram
Tonearm inner lead: Ortofon 8N TAC-1000, 99.999999% pure copper.
Tonearm output cable: Ortofon 8N TSW-1000, 99.999999% pure copper 7 layer double 2 core shield

For sell item is Ortofon RMA-309i tonearm only not included Ortofon SPU A type tonearm headshell which shown in sample photos.

Condition8.5 / 10
Retail Price (HKD) 13,800.00
Retail Price (USD)1,828.00
Model No. Lead Console Audio Board

Very rare and very hard to find Lead Console audio board.
Special design for absorb vibration from turntable system.

Material: Lead with ply wood sandwich
Dimension: W561x H20x D450cm
Net weight: 16.7kg

For sell item is Lead Console audio board only not included JA Michell Michell Orbe TT set which shown on sample photo.

Condition8 / 10
Retail Price (HKD) 7,800.00
Retail Price (USD)1,033.00
Model No. Klyne 7PX3 3.5.7 Version MC/MM Phono Amplifier

Rare Klyne 7PX3 3.5.7 version MC/MM phono amplifier. Comes with optional Flotation Pad Model FP 7 and original user manual.

Type: MC/MM RIAA phono amplifier
Gain: Adjustable at 36(MM) 50(MM) 64, or 66dB at 1 KHz.
RIAA accuracy: +/- 0.2 dB at 1.0V RMS out.
Bandwidth: 0.5Hz~150KHz.
Input impedance: Resistance is adjustable from 100 to 47K ohms. (User selected resistors allow any value between 0 and 47K ohms.) Capacitance is fixed at 150pF.
Output impedance: 300 ohms, both main and tape outputs.
Finish: The Chassis is finished with a black Polyurethane paint with a light texture. The Face Panel is Platinum GOLD anodized. The Side Bars are black lacquered Ash with a semigloss finish.
Dimensions: W48.3x H6.4x D29.4cm
Net weight: Main-5.5kg, Supply-1.4kg
AC voltage: AC-220V 50/60Hz

Flotation Pad FP 7
Material: High density Corian
FP 7 is designed to replace the aluminum bottom panel of the phono amplifier.
Accesories: Rubber ball feet x6

ConditionLIKE NEW / 10
Retail Price (HKD) 38,000.00
Retail Price (USD)5,033.00
Model No. Partridge / Listening Device Divsion TC-3423/C

Rare Partridge / Listening Device Divsion TC-3423/C MC step up transformer.

Listening Device was the distributor of Partridge UK at around '90, before that was distributed by Audionix.

Type: Moving coil cartridge step up transformer
Input impedance: 1.5 ohm
Output impendance: 200 ohm
Input: Single end RCA
Output: Single end RCA
Dimension: W6.0x H12.0x D18.0cm
Net weight: 1.2kg

Condition9.5 / 10
Retail Price (HKD) 14,800.00
Retail Price (USD)1,960.00
Model No. Takai Lab Final Stereo Power Amp

Rare Takai Lab Final Stereo Power Amp, comes with original wooden case.

Power output: 70W + 70W (8 ohms)
Input sensitivity: 1V/100K ohms
Frequency response: 20~100,000Hz (-3dB)
S/N ratio: 100dB
Daming factor: 20
Dimensions: W47.5 x H18.5 x D39.5cm
Ac voltage: AC-100V 50/60Hz

Condition9 / 10
Retail Price (HKD) 9,000.00
Retail Price (USD)1,192.00
Model No. Final Lab VM-7 GUN METAL Platter Mat #2

Final Lab VM-7 GUN METAL platter mat.

Type: Turntable platter mat
Mat material: GUN METAL
Mat diameter: 300mm
Mat height: 7mm
Net weight: 4.5kg

Condition8 / 10
Retail Price (HKD) 14,800.00
Retail Price (USD)1,960.00
Model No. SAEC AS-600E Arm Stabilizer NOS w/ Box

Rare NOS SAEC AS-600E arm stabilizer, for use with SAEC WE-506/30 professional tonearm only. Comes with original packing.

ConditionNOS / NIB / 10
Retail Price (HKD) 3,800.00
Retail Price (USD)503.00
Model No. Ikeda IS-2(G) Tonearm Headshell

Rare in Gold Plated finishing Ikeda IS-2(G) tonearm headshell. Comes with headshell leads.

Type: Universal
Material: Aluminum alloy
Finishing: Gold plated
Net weight: 17.8 gram

Condition9 / 10
Retail Price (HKD) 2,200.00
Retail Price (USD)291.00

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